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Smile Like You Just Don’t Care – Because You Don’t!®

Affordable, Comfortable Dentures for Milwaukee area Patients

Customized Dentures Provide Full Function with Life-Changing Results

Affordable dentures in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Affordable, comfortable dentures from Ross Dental give Milwaukee area patients something to smile about.

Whether you are missing a few teeth or have no teeth at all, dentures are an effective solution to restoring your natural smile and full functionality of your mouth. Dentures created by Ross Dental are practical, customized and comfortable. Eat, smile and talk knowing your dentures are secure when my friendly team is caring for you and your teeth.

When planning for your dentures, I measure your mouth to ensure the custom made dentures perfectly fit your mouth and gums, eliminating the hassle of dentures that don’t fit correctly and the associated pain and discomfort.

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Dentures Review from Ross Dental Patient: "I CAN EAT ANYTHING NOW"

"Things were getting pretty gloomy there with the dentures, they were bulky, loose and painful and I hated them, but after the final fit AWSOME, I can’t even describe the change.

We took a trip to Nevada this weekend and I was leery about eating. I actually have not eaten out for close to a year because it was embarrassing trying to eat.

So I went for the buffet: Salad, prime rib, nachos, hot dogs, chicken, pineapple, cannoli’s, shrimps, nuts, sunflower seeds, pea pods, apple slices, pizza, hamburger, more things than I can mention.

It has been over a year since I was able to eat a salad!

I don’t know if you would want to put “I CAN EAT ANYTHING NOW” on you website, but going from really bad teeth to really good dentures is beyond description. It is like rediscovering every form of food.

Actually I ate everything and anything I wanted to eat...with no adhesives!! I haven’t needed to use any adhesives yet they just stick in there.
It is almost a “food depression” I was going through, but now that they actually fit they are not so bad at all.

A few sore spots here and there but they should go away in time. It used to be a process, mouth had to be wet, teeth needed to be dry.

Now I just pop them in in the morning and I don’t need to clean the rubber out of my mouth every night!

So THANKS!!! It is almost a life changing event."

--John A. MacKay

Choosing Between Partial or Complete Dentures

Depending on your unique needs, either partial or complete dentures will be required. Partial dentures replace some of your natural teeth while complete dentures replace all of your teeth. Both denture types are designed to look exactly like your natural teeth, maintaining or improving your smile. If adjustments are needed, they can be done quickly and easily by our dental professionals.

Considering implants? Ross Dental is the Milwaukee area's best implant dentist. Learn more about the cost of dentures vs. implants or contact us for a consultation.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

Like complete dentures, there are several advantages to partial dentures. Partial dentures can:

  • Replace missing teeth
  • Improve your chewing
  • Help treat TMJ
  • Improve your speech
  • Give you more self-confidence

Given the many advantages of dentures, they’re surprisingly easy to afford. My team at Ross Dental will give you all the details about the dentures you choose, including the procedure costs and how to properly care for them. All of your questions will be fully answered, helping you understand your choice and the results.

If you are not sure dentures are the right choice for you, I will explain your other available options, including dental implants. We will only do what is best for you and your teeth, ensuring you receive real, effective solutions to your dental problems.

Contact the restorative dentist New Berlin trusts for reliable dental health solutions including partial or full dentures.
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