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Before & After Bonded Veneers

Permanently Restoring the Shape of Your Smile without Braces

Carri came to us with unwanted crookedness and gaps between her teeth. She wanted to improve the shape of her smile without the painful, long term commitment of braces. The team at Ross Dental created a set of custom bonded veneers for Carri, giving her a beautiful new smile she loves.

With a set of custom bonded veneers Carri was able to repair discoloration, remove gaps, and fix chipped and misshapen teeth immediately. She didn’t have to wait years to improve her smile; she was able to get the beautiful smile she has always wanted in just one visit.

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Bonded veneers are less invasive than braces and improve the shape of your smile. Our bonded veneer procedures are pain-free, and are customized for you. Get the smile you want the same day you have your appointment.

Contact the Milwaukee cosmetic dentists at Ross Dental for more information about bonded veneers.


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