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Preventive Dental Care in Waukesha County and Beyond

Preventive Dental Care Keeps You Healthy

Smiling CarePreventive dental health care is important and easy to do. Brush your teeth two times a day with fluoride enhanced toothpaste, along with regular flossing. Eat a healthy balanced diet and try to limit the amount of sugary drinks and snacks you consume. Make regular dental appointments for a checkup and professional teeth cleaning services. These simple steps will help you avoid cavities and other health issues related to poor oral health. If you have problems or discomfort between your bi-annual checkups, call Ross Our New Berlin Dentist and we will provide you with a solution.  

Preventative Dental Care for Adults and Children

Preventative dental care is just as important for adults as it is for children. It’s important to set a positive example of proper oral hygiene for children, so their teeth stay healthy and strong. It is important for adults to maintain good oral hygiene to keep existing dental problems at bay while preventing new ones from forming. Preventative dental care is low cost and delivers big benefits – a healthy mouth and smile.

Waukesha Family Dentist Keep Your Mouth and Teeth Healthy

The American Dental Association (ADA) urges you to see your local family dentist at least twice a year. Regular dental exams and teeth cleanings help prevent nearly all serious health issues associated with poor dental care. Our dental professionals will thoroughly clean your teeth and check your jaw, bone structure, gums and tongue to ensure there are no other oral problems hidden within your mouth. All of your questions about preventive dental care will be answered and you will receive helpful, practical advice on how to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

See what Eric, a satisfied patient has to say about our services:

“Now that I live in Waukesha, I didn’t want to drive 40 minutes to keep seeing my old dentist. Even though there were dentists closer to where I live, I looked into Ross Dental in New Berlin. They accepted my insurance coverage, Delta Dental, and were rated better on google reviews than other dentists so I went there.

For me, there’s a level of uncertainty with finding a new dentist, since I don’t know what to expect from them yet. When I arrived at Ross Dental, Dr. Ross and his staff did everything necessary to put my reservations at ease.

The medical assistant made sure I was comfortable through my cleaning, which was in itself stress free. She found possible cavities in my back teeth, though it was too early to tell. When Dr. Ross came in, he informed me of my options going forward and explained his recommendations to prevent any future tooth pain.

I was satisfied with the level of care and comfort Ross Dental gave me during my visit and plan on making Dr. Ross my new dental care provider. I even scheduled my next appointment already.”

-Eric B. of Waukesha, Wisconsin

Contact our Waukesha area dentist for more information on preventive dental care.
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