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Teeth Whitening Services Giving Milwaukee the Whitest Smiles

Teeth Whitening Enhances Your Smile

Smiling Woman with White TeethHealthy-looking, white teeth are highly sought after. Unfortunately, there are a host of daily activities which discolor them. Everyday food items such as coffee, soda and certain medications even aging all contribute to tooth discoloration. Regardless of the cause, discolored teeth can ruin your smile. Ross Dental's cosmetic dental team provides teeth whitening services which are effective, safe, and immediate. Our pain-free, in-office teeth whitening procedure will improve your smile, restoring your confidence and giving you a reason to smile.

Professional Teeth Whitening vs At Home Treatments

At home teeth whitening treatments can take months to show real results, which are quickly lost when treatment stops. Some over the counter products even require multiple treatments EACH DAY. Statistics have proven the longer it takes to get results, the more people are turned off and actually give up on their whitening ambitions.

The teeth whitening procedure provided by Ross our New Berlin Dentist and the team typically makes teeth up to eight shades lighter, thoroughly improving your smile in just one visit. Whitening gels used by dentists have been greatly improved, eliminating the disadvantages such as gum sensitivity, which used to be associated with professional teeth whitening. We apply the whitening solution directly to your teeth, removing years of stains in a matter of hours. It’s faster, cheaper and less frustrating than trying to whiten your teeth at home.

For pain-free teeth whitening services with immediate results and affordable prices, trust no other dentist than Ross Dental.

Cost of Professional Teeth Whitening Services in Milwaukee Wisconsin

There are a lot of different options when looking for teeth whitening services in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Buying take home trays are around $400 and bleaching trays or whitening strips are under $100. In office bleaching is on average $650. Depending on your stain, in-office teeth whitening done by Dr. Ross from New Berlin is highly recommended.

Stains frequently removed with in-office teeth whitening services

  • Stains colored yellow, brown, and green or grey, it may be due to aging, hereditary or eating habits.
  • Discolored teeth from coffee, red wine, sodas, fruits and vegetables.
  • Tobacco stains

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Procedure Done by Dr. Ross

Dr. Ross uses a peroxide bleaching gel. This is applied on your teeth and kept on for approximately 15 to 30 minutes. The gel is washed off or suctioned off and fresh gel is applied a few more addition periods. Between each period your teeth are being checked to see if more bleach is needed. The whole procedure is safe and pain-free. The in-office teeth whitening gel usually only takes a day, when bleaching trays and whitening strips requires daily or monthly applications.

In-office teeth whitening is the best way to produce fast results. Contact Dr. Ross to transform your teeth to what you’ve always wanted.

Contact our Milwaukee cosmetic dentist for more information on our teeth whitening service.
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